7 Seconds - Dedicated To Hardcore 7'' EP (2007)

A1 Wartime
A2 A&A In The USA
A3 Anti-Youth
B1 Death Trip
B2 Right To Fight
B3 No


7 Seconds - Skins, Brains and Guts

  1. Skins, Brains & Guts
  2. No Authority
  3. Redneck Society
  4. Baby Games
  5. Racism Sucks
  6. This Is My Life
  7. Anti Klan
  8. I Hate Sports
  9. We're Gonna Fight

7 Seconds - Committed For Life E.P.

A1 5 Years Of Lies
A2 Drug Control
A3 Bottomless Pit
A4 Fight Your Own Fight
B1 Committed For Life
B2 This Is The Angry
B3 Aggro


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