Saboteur - new song Reaction

New vegan straight edge band from Britain

In a world that's fueled by the suffering of others, ignorance is no longer an option. I would rather see the world for what it really is than blind myself with excuses. No longer will I stand by and watch as the innocent fall victim to selfish desires. No more."
Abstinence from a culture guilty of atrocity,
industries that profit off other beings misery,
mind altering substances that keep thought distracted,
pay heed to our crimes,
this is my reaction.
How many more have to suffer?
I can no longer stand by and do nothing,
as life is destroyed by human consumption,
slaves to convenience,
faith in a bottle,
this is my reaction in a world so hollow.
Vegan Straight Edge.
this is my reaction,
I wont stand still.
wont stand still.
wont stand still.

CONFRONT - One Life Drug Free (1994)
One of the best late 80's/early 90s Clevo hardcore bands, Confront were one of the bands that really brought a sense of "hard" to hardcore. Members would go on to form the band everyone in the 90's loved to hate, One Life Crew.

1 Wasted Life
2 One Of A Kind
3 Payday
4 Right In The Eye
5 Wrong Choice
6 Hold It Back
7 Our Fight
8 One Life Drug Free
9 Join The Circus
10 Be Yourself
11 Machoman
12 Stand Your Ground
13 Self Destruction
14 Police Beat
15 One Life Drug Free
16 Together Forever

Various Artists - Skinheads Against Animal Cruelty

41 songs, 3 speeches tracks, 1 compilation and 1 message. 

01 Los Fastidios -  Animal Liberation
02 FTA - Animal Liberation Now
03 Cervelli Stanki - Animal Liberation Human Mind Illumination
04 The Business - Sabotage The Hunt
05 Cro-Mags - Death Camps
06 Oi Polloi Stop - Vivisection Now
07 The Herberts - Animal Choc
08 No Heads - Hands Off The Animals
09 Bystreet - Liberta
10 Opposite Against  - Enough animal experiments
11 Durty South Drew VS Ill Bill - Slaughter
12 Los Fastidios - Cruelty Free
13 Wisdom In Chains - Ghost Of Buddy
14 Go For It! - Humanimal
15 Dayal Nitaï - Amazonie
16 Oi Polloi - Go Green
17 The Fallout - Meat Market (Remix)
18 Blaggers I.T.A. - Meat
19 Los Fastidios - Stop Alla Vivisezione
20 Citizen Fish - Flesh and Blood
21 The Trojans - Message to the Sun What on Earth Is Going On
22 Rebelation - Earth First
23 Ian MacKaye VS Army Of The Pharaohs  - Why Shouldn't I Be Vegetarian?
24 The Dead Peasants Revolt - Shut Them Down
25 Blue Void - Animal
26 Vitamin X -  Free To Kill
27 Agnostic Front - Toxic Shock
28 Trinken Bier - Liberación Animal
29 What We Feel - Animal Voice
30 Oi Polloi - Thin Green Line
31 Fallout - Compassion Over Killing (Remix)
32 Usual Suspects - Animal Liberation Front
33 The Rebel Spell - Murderers
34 The Class War Kids - The Vegan Avenger Ascends Into Legend
35 Cuase For Alarm - Animal Rights
36 Right Direction - A Bull's Revenge
37 Scott Crouse of Earth Crisis VS Ill Bil - Animals Don't Smoke
38 Davaï - ALF
39 Oi Polloi - Stop the Bloody Slaughter
40 Gorilla Biscuits - Cats and Dogs
41 The Brat Attack - Lack Of Compassion Or Just Ignorance
42 Slug - Changing
44 A.S.C.O. - Liberación animal

Key: DP6tMShV_cUDykkHDW9HU26brRk0SAZOTGZwbhsSAnI


Our reader from São Paulo send us his DIY stickers. So if you want, do your own stcikers and send us photo!

Stickers at São Paulo (Brasil)



On a more personal note, besides music, what else fires you up in life?
Jenny Woo: "...I am also a strict vegetarian and I do my best to promote animal welfare on a local level."
More from interview on Ottawa Video Production Blog.

Born To Hate

Romper la baraja

1 El Odio 3:44
2 A.C.A.B. 2:21
3 Crimen Mental 2:46
4 Romper La Baraja 2:37
5 Mal Camino 2:30
6 Mirando Hacia Adelante 3:01
7 Corazón de Hielo 1:49
8 Veneno 3:13
9 Todo Está Mal 3:34
10 A.M.A.B. 2:19

Born To Hate (2007)

1. A sangre y fuego
2. Decepción
3. Tú no
4. Nada cambió
5. La Bella Mafia

Pictures - Vol. 4




Rebelation - Earth First

Trojans - Rainbow Warrior

About Rainbow Warrior:

Antitedex - Vegan Hooligans

Malcolm X

"They send drugs in Harlem down here to pacify us!
They send alcohol down here to pacify us!
They send prostitution down here to pacify us!"
Malcolm X

"If we became students of Malcolm X, we would not have young black men out there killing each other like they're killing each other now. Young black men would not be impregnating young black women at the rate going on now. We'd not have the drugs we have now, or the alcoholism."
Spike Lee

Confront-"Our Fight"

"We must get priorities straight
work together, stop all this hate
racist ways are so wrong
black and whites are equally strong

One race better than the rest
that is so fucking ignorant
show all the narrow minds
that they're wrong
now is the time


Assert - "Dilute to Taste"