Roman Mironenko PROMO VIDEO

He is MMA fighter, vegetarian and singer of HARD STANCE.

Roman Mironenko HL from lstpdv on Vimeo.

Right Idea - Crucified for your sins (Iron Cross cover)


One of the songs on the split is a song about animal liberation, which is not the most common subject in Oi! lyrics. Why is this subject so important to you? Are any band members also veg(etari)an or SxE?
It’s almost for five years that I (Ivano) became vegan. Since two years i’m also SxE. For me it’s a choice of life against racism and capitalism, two very important problems for us. The other members of the band are not SxE but they agree  on the lyrics.
More form interview here.

Opposite Against - Vremja ognej (2012)

1. Kto my
2. Vzgljady
3. Hèj gadajar
4. Gde tvoja gordost’
5. Novyj geroj
6. Ne sdavajsja, ne otstupaj
7. Razbitaja strana
8. Èti steny ne potušat ogon’
9. Malo prosto byt’

Engage At Will - In The Eyes Of The Locos (2012)

01. Recycled
02. 100%
03. In The Eyes Of The Locos
04. OneDayMan
05. The Lower Depths
06. Sic Transit Gloria Mundi
07. S.O.S.
08. To The Ashes
09. Totentanz (Danse Macabre)
10. My Own Way
11. Libration

Abu - Drug Free skinhead artist from Minsk


Not Afraid - Be Yourself EP 

1. Two Ways
2. Get Behind
3. Am I Wrong
4. Be Yourself
5. The Other Side
6. Not Afraid

Dayal Nitaï

 This very interesting band. Their singer is converted hindu. They have got lyrics about drugs, vegetarianism, skinheads, discrimination. And there is one interesting fact about them. Their singer P'tit Willy (now  Vraja Sundar Das) was ins 80`s guitarist of white power band Evil Skins. What a change!


I know that Philippe is Straight Edge. Wau, how could you relax without alcohol? Hah. How long are you interested in this? Do you really like skinhead live without any beer? It is impossible for me :-) and do you really believe in the loyalty to 1 woman for the whole life ? :-)

"Alcool is a weight at our feet, an addiction; how can you claim freedom & liberty for yourself and be that attached to such a fucking drug as alcool or smoke or whatever polute you ?
Addcition is the disease of the 21rst century it just proove that people are weak, slave to a product that make them forget how life is hard.
It shows how much we need to stay awake and aware.
You want to slave people ? Make them slave to material & addictions (tv, drugs, alcool,...) we’re lost in a huge maelstrom called modernity.
Beeing drug free & vegetarian is nothing but my fight for freedom. How can you respect people when you don’t even respect yourself ????
And for sex, i never get where comes that stuff you said.
You have to stay true to yourself, your friends and the girl you’re with. Beeing straightxedge isn’t beeing a mormon (or a moron :-)
Beeing SxE is dedication and pride, not beeing a monk. But like i said, every path is different; I respect people who gets married and stay true to one women; nothing bad about it.
For me, true love is universal; love without borders, barriers & restrain (read M.L King or gandhi)
Living without beer easy when you see how pathetic people can be when they’are drunk. I got too much respect 4 myself to be that ridiculous anymore. And after 13 years..I feel no regret, never felt that good since then !"

More from interview here.

HARDxTIMES vs. Mouthguard
3. HardxTimes - Not Too Late
4. HardxTimes - Errance

HARDxTIMES - We Take Shit From No One (2007)

01 Pas de honte
02 Temps de sang
03 Not so late
04 Errance
05 Ultra Violence (The Oppressed)
06 Skinhead youth
07 Rebelle
08 (Un)justified violence
09 Demain m appartient
10 Put me down
11 Liens sacres

HardxTimes - Demain Nous Appartient

01 - Ces Annees La
02 - Paris
03 - Skinhead pour l'éternité

Life Is a Battlefield

01. Ces Annees La
02. Douce Nuit
03. Egoeste
04. Fuite En Avant
05. Hommage
06. Indomptes
07. La Verite
08. Nos Regles
09. On Est Al
10. Paris
11. Pour Nous
12. Realiste
13. Spe
14. Temps De Sang
15. Toujours Le
16. Vengeance

Threat (2006)

THREAT revolves around a street riot in NYC's Lower East Side. At the center of the riot are two friends (a homeless straightedge punk named Jim and a hip hop revolutionary father named Fred) who inadvertently cause the riot when they bring their street tribes together and fail to avoid a conflict that quickly spirals out of control. As the characters struggle through the chaos, some seeking to stop the violence and others seeking to escalate it, they face their own demons and find their own forms of redemption and damnation.

The Taqwacores (2010)

The Taqwacores, which told the story of a fictitious group of Muslim punk-rockers living in Buffalo, New York. Characters included a Straight edge Sunni Muslim, drunken mohawk-wearing Sufi punk, burqa-wearing riot grrrl and Shi'a skinhead.
Yusef, a first-generation Pakistani engineering student, moves off-campus with a group of Muslim punks in Buffalo, New York. His new "un-orthodox" house mates soon introduce him to Taqwacore- a hardcore, Muslim punk rock scene that only exists out west. As the seasons change, Taqwacore influences the house more and more. The living room becomes a mosque during the day, while it continues to host punk parties at night. Ultimately, Yusef is influenced by Taqwacore too, as he begins to challenge his own faith and ideologies. The Taqwacores deals with the complexities of being young and Muslim in modern-day America.

Subtitles (English, Hungarian, Indonesian)


Jimmy Cliff Is Vegetarian!

Article from Vegetarian News.

And his religious believes are interesting too:
You converted from Rastafari to the Muslim faith, are you still a practicing Muslim?
 The way I see it as a Nubian man looking for his roots again there were many doors and classrooms to go through and Islam was just one of those classrooms for me, Rastafari was another, Christianity another, Judaism and so on. I feel that I have graduated from all of them.Morr on

The Harder They Come: The Definitive Collection Retail (2005)

1 I'm Sorry
2 Hurricane Hatty
3 Miss Jamaica
4 I'm Free
5 King of Kings
6 The Man
7 Miss Universe
8 One Eyed Jacks
9 You're the One I Need
10 Ska All Over the World
11 Give a Little Take a Little
12 Waterfall
13 Let's Dance
14 Time Will Tell
15 Hard Road to Travel
16 Use What I Got
17 Hello Sunshine
18 Wonderful World, Beautiful People
19 Vietnam
20 Come into My Life
21 Sufferin' in the Land
22 Many Rivers to Cross
23 Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
24 You Can Get It If You Really Want

1 Wild World
2 Bongo Man (A Come)
3 Those Good, Good Old Days
4 Sooner or Later
5 Synthetic World
6 Goodbye Yesterday
7 Sitting in Limbo
8 The Harder They Come
9 Struggling Man
10 Fundamental Reggay
11 Special
12 Love Is All
13 Treat the Youths Right
14 Reggae Nights
15 Sunshine in the Music
16 We All Are One
17 Hitting with Music
18 Club Paradise
19 I Can See Clearly Now
20 Fantastic Plastic People

Jimmy Cliff Album Rebirth (2012)

  1. World Upside Down
  2. One More
  3. Cry No More
  4. Children's Bread
  5. Bang
  6. Guns Of Brixton
  7. Reggae Music
  8. Outsider
  9. Rebel Rebel
  10. Ruby Soho
  11. Blessed Love
  12. Ship Is Sailing
  13. One More (Alternate Version)

Tear Me Down

La Rivolta Non Si Arresta [2004]

01 - Il Carrozzone
02 - Non Appartengo
03 - Se C'E' Un Potere
04 - Nei Tuoi Occhi
05 - La Mia Vendetta
06 - Eroe Del Sabato
07 - Sciopero Selvaggio
08 - Giorno Per Giorno
09 - Musica E Commercio
10 - Not Just Boys Funs
11 - Citta' Modello
12 - Oltre La Linea
13 - Onore
14 - Viterbo Hc
15 - La Isla Bonita,100d3b04e914c8185810d36c984be3e6/no_html,1/

Morire Di Tolleranza [1997]

 01 - Tu Hai Perso Il Mio Rispetto
02 - P.I.
03 - Non Sottostare
04 - Come Mi Vogliono
05 - 20 Secondi Di Violenza
06 - Cancella Il Passato
07 - Come L'Inferno Potrebbe Essere
08 - Nulla Cambia
09 - Scuola
10 - Solitudine
11 - (Op)Pressione
12 - Emo Di Merda


Pictures - Vol. 3



Norways Shipwrecked was a straight edge hardcore band that included members from Onward, ENFORCER, Common Cause, Insurance Risk, Award and One in a Million.


The Last Pagans (2012)

Fast Violent Noise
Hit FX
Not My Generation
It's Grim Up North
Wolf Hybrid Men
Your Flag
It Was Here
The Last Pagans
Bricks & Bombs
About Us
Run Comrade Run
Blue Flies
This Was Ours
Bulldog Breed
What's It Like?
Eagle's Nest

 Artic Night (2005)

A1 Arctic Nights
A2 Violent Response
A3 Direct Threat
A4 1905
B1 Werewolf Attack
B2 Rats
B3 In The Know

INSURANCE RISK - Violence In Our Minds 12" (2009)

Insurance Risk was a Norwegian straight edge hardcore band. The band featured members from Washington Disease, Eyeball, Onward others.

A1         So Must I       
A2         Too Much       
A3         Fashionable Idiots       
A4         Brothers       
A5         We Don't Care       
A6         Choke On It       
A7         No Doubt In My Mind       
A8         Not For Real       
B1         The Hammer       
B2         I Want More       
B3         No Pity       
B4         Speak Our Minds       
B5         No Limit In Sight       
B6         Life Of Pain       
B7         Turned Your Backs       
B8         Payback Time       
B9         Broken Hearts       
B10         The Punisher

Ian MacKaye On Vegetarianism

Stars and stripes - Shaved for battle (1989)

Band started in 1989 by members from infamous HC band Slapshot.
They all loved the british Oi! and wanted to create their own sound based on what they imported from uk. A band that was supposed to be a fun project where they could create something the hardcore scene wouldnt accept if it was released under the name Slapshot.