Razors in the Night - Alcoholist

Czech this gay X edge video. You can find signer of Razors In The night, Troy, there. :-)))) I think they are not sXe, but check their song Alcoholist.

Close-minded people give me shit about the life that I've lead -- I could live life like you but I'd rather be dead.
Fuck the rest who don't understand, 'cause my world is soaked in vodka and it's bloody fuckin' red.

Living my life with a battle-scarred liver and no soul -- I'm an alcoholist.
No place for the outcast waste of the world but a bar, where I'll be getting pissed.
Say what you will and I'll do what I want with no limits -- I'm an alcoholist.
Mind your fucking business you'll catch my fucking fist!

I don't run from trouble, I just open up the door, and if you give a shit, you're gonna feel the floor.
Then we'll do a shot before we leave for tour, and at the end of the night -- pour one fucking more!

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