Race Riot 59


The Race Riot from Youngstown Ohio is an anti-racist band. Race Riot formed around 2008 and is working on putting their full length out in 2011. The band was originally the hardcore band Crowd Deterrent doing the more oi/punk songs that didn’t fit with there more straight forward hardcore songs. The band now has members from CD and from Youngstown punk/hc band , Violent Offense. The first and only demo released for the band is called “Crew Life” about life in the SOSF crew.

Race Riot - Crew Life Demo [2009]

01 Race Riot
02 No Regrets, No Remorse
03 Silence
04 Wolves Among Men
05 Crew Life



  1. I am lucky to have grown up in the rustbelt...born north of Pittsburgh, raised in Cleveland. The best thing about bands from this region(Cleveland, Youngstown, Erie, Pittsburgh, Greensburg, Butler, and so on)is the true lack of pretentious little turds...well, I guess we do have a few(Anti-Flag, I am looking @ you and thinking of how you went to D.C. to help Barrack Obama campaign)but for the most part, our scene is made up of real people. We know life sucks and society is bullshit, we aren't naive like the hippies were, we know we aren't going to change shit. But if we can make some good times with our friends and play with our dogs and tattoo our faces, then @ the end of the day who's gonna complain?
    Anyway Race Riot 5X9 is a shining example of the rustbelt...it's brutal and truthful, but it never lacks humor. They are one of my favorite bands, local or not and this demo is excellent. Race Riot has the same shitty future that the rest of us have to look forward to in this bleak area...but you can count on them to keep making real street punk rock and you won't see them campaigning for any scumbag politicians. Respect from Los Babas 22 to 5/9!!

  2. That's a great comment. Great band, great music. Recently saw a facebook post about some florida Nazis sporting the support 59 shirts and it that shit pissed me the fuck off. Fuck those guys stupid ass fucks are everywhere.

    1. lmao...most nazi turds are only nazi when its safe/convenient to them.

    2. lmao...most nazi turds are only nazi when its safe/convenient to them.