V.A. - Tribute to Slapshot - Boston Drops the Gloves

01 No Friend of Mine (Blood for Blood)
02 Chameleon (Tommy and the Terrors)
03 Straight Edge in Your Face (Ten Yard Fight)
04 Might Make Right (Close Call )
05 Do What You Want (30 Seconds Over Tokyo)
06 Old Tyme Hardcore (Anal Cunt)
07 Rise and Fall (Pug Uglies)
08 Enforcer (Strikers)
09 What's at Stake (Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
10 Where There's Smoke (Mighty Mighty Bosstones)
11 Step On It (Intent to Injure)
12 I Want You Dead (Kicked in the Head)
13 Back on the Map (The Trouble)
14 Something to Prove (Wrong Side of the Tracks)
15 It's Happening Today (Pinkerton Thugs)
16 Johnny Was (Blacklist)
17 No Guts no Glory (Last in Line)
18 Hang up your Boots (The Grenades)
19 No Time Left (Nobodys Heroes)
20 Secrets (Down But Not Out)
21 Something to Prove (Molly Macguires)
22 I've Had Enough (Dropkick Murphys)


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