Heros & Zeros

"Heros & Zeros has been around in various line-ups since 1998. It started out as a side project of members from Amsterdam based old school hardcore bands Soberesponse and Vitamin X (legendary Holland Straight Edge band). At that time the band was playing a more hardcore-punk influenced style of Oi!"

Who are the band members and how does your daily life look like?
Here we go: Marko is our singer, Anna plays bass, RC drums, Boban plays trumpet and Mali and I play guitar. We all got jobs: RC is fireman, Mali works in a library and Boban is sound engineer. Marko is, besides his job also busy with his other band Vitamin X.

Some of the band members have a SxE background. Isn’t it a big swerve to form a streetpunk band?

It isn’t really possible is it? But actually Marko is the only one who still keeps his hands of alcohol, for the rest of the band it s already history. Also for Marko there will be no help, also he had to start, but right now he doesn’t make headway.
When it comes to the music it s for sure something different, but everyone in the band has a different taste, different influences and a different background. I think this all comes back into our sound. You can still here the hardcore-influences. We re not really a band who shouts Oi! in every song or only sings about beer. But in the end we re still just herberts.

More from interview on Oi! Oi! Music!.

ST EP (2001)

A1         Intro        
A2         Sloba        
A3         We Don't Like You        
A4         Left Behind        
B1         Rights        
B2         Workers' Power        
B3         Try It        
B4         Tonite


Wake Up Call (2003)

  1.     One Solution        
  2.     The Blood        
  3.     S.F.Y.B.        
  4.     Sunday Morning        
  5.     Bicycle        
  6.     Ghetto Anthem        
  7.     Another Song        
  8.     Maniac        
  9.     Those Old Kicks        
  10.     Rambling Man        
  11.     S.O.S.        
  12.     Baby C'mon        
  13.     Queen Of Rock        
  14.     Night City