The Blaggers - On Yer Toez (1989)

They are not straight edge. I put them here because of their great veg song "Meat". I love it! Lyrics below.
Note - Olaf from Stage Bottles was in this band. He played saxophon.

1. On Yer Toez
2. Young Blaggers
3. Crazy
4. Skateboard Bob
5. Weekend Warriors
6. Bronco Bullfrog
7. Jail House Doors
8. Freedom Fighters
9. Britains Dream
10. Ireland
11. Greetings From Ireland
12. Save Your Hate
13. House Of The Fascist Scum
14. Beirut
15. Real World
16. What For
17. Wonderful World
18. Ten Years On (live)
19. Meat
20. No Choice
21. See Naples And Die
22. Get Outa Here
23. I Don't Know
24. It's Up To You

Meat - Lyrics

"Every few seconds an animal dies
In a British laboratory and out of sight
Vivisection for a human erection
Seems to me to be a mental infection

Woke up today I thought enough was enough

Time to say no time to get tough
Thought about it
Thought about it
And I won't eat meat

Think a little more about their lives
Realise the meat we eat and the fur we wear
Ain't got no need to be there

I won't eat meat"

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