Straight edge Oi!core from Germany.


Kill The Local Drugdealer (2004)

A1 Here We Go
A2 Kill The Local Drug Dealer
A3 Don´t Poison Yourself
A4 Self Esteem
A5 Do What You Preach
A6 Drug Free Youth
A7 Step On It
A8 Popsongs
A9 Diy
A10 Red Haired Girl
A11 Something To Prove
A12 Straight Edge
A13 X - Cuses
A14 See You
A15 Kill The Local Drug Dealer ( Live Version )


Get Respect (2006)

1 Don't Be A Pussy
2 Liar
3 Stupid Boy
4 Chip On My Shoulder
5 Get Respect
6 Straight Edge
7 Stay Clean
8 Wrong Friends
9 Don't Mess With Us
10 Junk Video
11 Straight Edge Never Die
12 Good Friend Of Mine
13 A Little Song About A Long; Hard Day And His Peaceful End
14 Gimme, Gimme Shocktreatment


No One Comes Here Out Alive (2010)
1 No One Comes Here Out Alive
2 So Sick Of You
3 Small Uptight Jerk
4 I've Had Enough
5 Nation Of Hate
6 Holiday In Guantanamo Bay
7 Heavy Metal Jocks
8 Drugwar
9 Friend Or Foe
10 Land Of Dead
11 State Control
12 Handman
13 No Friend Of Mine
14 Don't Eat Yellow Snow


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