I know that Philippe is Straight Edge. Wau, how could you relax without alcohol? Hah. How long are you interested in this? Do you really like skinhead live without any beer? It is impossible for me :-) and do you really believe in the loyalty to 1 woman for the whole life ? :-)

"Alcool is a weight at our feet, an addiction; how can you claim freedom & liberty for yourself and be that attached to such a fucking drug as alcool or smoke or whatever polute you ?
Addcition is the disease of the 21rst century it just proove that people are weak, slave to a product that make them forget how life is hard.
It shows how much we need to stay awake and aware.
You want to slave people ? Make them slave to material & addictions (tv, drugs, alcool,...) we’re lost in a huge maelstrom called modernity.
Beeing drug free & vegetarian is nothing but my fight for freedom. How can you respect people when you don’t even respect yourself ????
And for sex, i never get where comes that stuff you said.
You have to stay true to yourself, your friends and the girl you’re with. Beeing straightxedge isn’t beeing a mormon (or a moron :-)
Beeing SxE is dedication and pride, not beeing a monk. But like i said, every path is different; I respect people who gets married and stay true to one women; nothing bad about it.
For me, true love is universal; love without borders, barriers & restrain (read M.L King or gandhi)
Living without beer men...so easy when you see how pathetic people can be when they’are drunk. I got too much respect 4 myself to be that ridiculous anymore. And after 13 years..I feel no regret, never felt that good since then !"

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HARDxTIMES vs. Mouthguard
3. HardxTimes - Not Too Late
4. HardxTimes - Errance


HARDxTIMES - We Take Shit From No One (2007)

01 Pas de honte
02 Temps de sang
03 Not so late
04 Errance
05 Ultra Violence (The Oppressed)
06 Skinhead youth
07 Rebelle
08 (Un)justified violence
09 Demain m appartient
10 Put me down
11 Liens sacres


HardxTimes - Demain Nous Appartient

01 - Ces Annees La
02 - Paris
03 - Skinhead pour l'éternité


Life Is a Battlefield

01. Ces Annees La
02. Douce Nuit
03. Egoeste
04. Fuite En Avant
05. Hommage
06. Indomptes
07. La Verite
08. Nos Regles
09. On Est Al
10. Paris
11. Pour Nous
12. Realiste
13. Spe
14. Temps De Sang
15. Toujours Le
16. Vengeance


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