INSURANCE RISK - Violence In Our Minds 12" (2009)

Insurance Risk was a Norwegian straight edge hardcore band. The band featured members from Washington Disease, Eyeball, Onward others.

A1         So Must I       
A2         Too Much       
A3         Fashionable Idiots       
A4         Brothers       
A5         We Don't Care       
A6         Choke On It       
A7         No Doubt In My Mind       
A8         Not For Real       
B1         The Hammer       
B2         I Want More       
B3         No Pity       
B4         Speak Our Minds       
B5         No Limit In Sight       
B6         Life Of Pain       
B7         Turned Your Backs       
B8         Payback Time       
B9         Broken Hearts       
B10         The Punisher

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