Jimmy Cliff Is Vegetarian!

Article from Vegetarian News.

And his religious believes are interesting too:
You converted from Rastafari to the Muslim faith, are you still a practicing Muslim?
 The way I see it as a Nubian man looking for his roots again there were many doors and classrooms to go through and Islam was just one of those classrooms for me, Rastafari was another, Christianity another, Judaism and so on. I feel that I have graduated from all of them.Morr on Ammocity.com.

The Harder They Come: The Definitive Collection Retail (2005)

1 I'm Sorry
2 Hurricane Hatty
3 Miss Jamaica
4 I'm Free
5 King of Kings
6 The Man
7 Miss Universe
8 One Eyed Jacks
9 You're the One I Need
10 Ska All Over the World
11 Give a Little Take a Little
12 Waterfall
13 Let's Dance
14 Time Will Tell
15 Hard Road to Travel
16 Use What I Got
17 Hello Sunshine
18 Wonderful World, Beautiful People
19 Vietnam
20 Come into My Life
21 Sufferin' in the Land
22 Many Rivers to Cross
23 Let Your Yeah Be Yeah
24 You Can Get It If You Really Want

1 Wild World
2 Bongo Man (A Come)
3 Those Good, Good Old Days
4 Sooner or Later
5 Synthetic World
6 Goodbye Yesterday
7 Sitting in Limbo
8 The Harder They Come
9 Struggling Man
10 Fundamental Reggay
11 Special
12 Love Is All
13 Treat the Youths Right
14 Reggae Nights
15 Sunshine in the Music
16 We All Are One
17 Hitting with Music
18 Club Paradise
19 I Can See Clearly Now
20 Fantastic Plastic People


Jimmy Cliff Album Rebirth (2012)

  1. World Upside Down
  2. One More
  3. Cry No More
  4. Children's Bread
  5. Bang
  6. Guns Of Brixton
  7. Reggae Music
  8. Outsider
  9. Rebel Rebel
  10. Ruby Soho
  11. Blessed Love
  12. Ship Is Sailing
  13. One More (Alternate Version)


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