Saboteur - new song Reaction

New vegan straight edge band from Britain

In a world that's fueled by the suffering of others, ignorance is no longer an option. I would rather see the world for what it really is than blind myself with excuses. No longer will I stand by and watch as the innocent fall victim to selfish desires. No more."
Abstinence from a culture guilty of atrocity,
industries that profit off other beings misery,
mind altering substances that keep thought distracted,
pay heed to our crimes,
this is my reaction.
How many more have to suffer?
I can no longer stand by and do nothing,
as life is destroyed by human consumption,
slaves to convenience,
faith in a bottle,
this is my reaction in a world so hollow.
Vegan Straight Edge.
this is my reaction,
I wont stand still.
wont stand still.
wont stand still.

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