Gangland Rage Against Society: F.S.U.

"Friends Stand United (FSU) is a national organization in the United States which is classified by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as a street gang, a distinction that FSU members deny. It is an anti-racist group which includes members of various ethnicities, but is predominantly white. Some members share the same Straight Edge lifestyle. Elgin James founded FSU, which originally stood for "Fuck Shit Up", in the late 1980s in Boston, Massachusetts. He formed FSU to attack, beat and purge drug users and violent White supremacist, Neo-nazi, Skinheads and other various racist gangs from punk rock concerts. FSU has established chapters in many major cities in the United States, Canada and North East England. The group has splintered several times since its initial incarnation, with different chapters holding different values. Universally, the group espouses violence as a valid means to accomplish their goals."

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