Red London - Guns & Drugs

I´m grown up,
I can buy a gun,
responsible on the application form,
Uncle Sam says it A.O.K.
It´s written down the constituion now.
Guns and drugs across this nation,
get yourself the armed salvation,
needles for a generation,
blown away, here to stay... hey.
And what you nees is all right here,
you´re spoilt for choice.
Designer guns and designer drugs,
you´ll pay the price, pay the price.
I´mgrowing up, I can get my fix,
get high ´cos the streets are paved with drugs.
But there´s a gun with the police man,
it doesn´t matter, I can get one too.
Guns and drugs across this nation,
get yourself amred salvation.

"Not so long ago songs like Guns and Drugs be descriptions of the United States only, nut not any more. Guns and drugs are in England, right here, right now." (Kid)

"Think of the world today and you have this song." (Patty)

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