Faye: Are you straight edge?
James: Yeah, I firmly believe you can be straight edge and gamble a lot. I mean, Bane was a straight edge band for a while, their singer was straight edge and they have songs that mention poker and gambling and all that stuff. Gambling has definitely made my life better, sometimes it’s made me want to kill myself, but for the most part, it’s made it a lot better. I wouldn’t say gambling is abusing my mind whatsoever. So, I consider myself as straight edge as you can get.
Faye: Why are you straight edge?
James: Because I tried drinking and smoking at a young age, and I wasn’t really into it, but a lot of people I was around were and then I somehow stumbled into a hardcore show and learned about it from there. My dad’s an alcoholic, well, he’s a recovering alcoholic and I’ve seen him at his worst, and I knew I never wanted to be like that, so I just want to be as far away from that stuff as possible. Plus, I see the dudes I’m in a band with and they’re all drunk all the time – no disrespect to them, because I love them, they’re my best friends, but when I see our guitarist retardedly drunk, I just thank God I’m straight edge. [laughs] I mean, it’s all in good fun.

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