Zero Progress

IE: Everyone in the band is straight edge but from reading your lyrics it is not something that you seem to push on the listener. In fact you guys seem to come off with more of a punk rock rebellious type of vibe. Would you agree with this?

Matt: At heart, I'm a punk rocker. A studded leather wearing, mohawk having, boot stomping punk rocker. To me, straight edge is the ultimate form of rebellion. Alcohol is the most mainstream form of submission. It's kick back and drink up or X up and fight back. I don't always write about straight edge in my lyrics because I feel like there are so many amazing bands past and present who have that topic so well-covered that I'm not needed. I do talk about it sometimes, like in the song “Blur” and a couple other vague references, but it's not my main focus. I just bump No Tolerance while I write about different issues pertaining to my friends and I.
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Zero Progress- The Void

1. The Void
2. Right Now
3. Weakling
4. Here We Are
5. Chaos! Power! Madness!
6. Whole
7. Blur
8. Grinded

Zero Progress - Derailed 7'' (2010)

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